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The following categories contain either worksheets or exercise to try. The first section, the red boxes, is a self evaluation with worksheets. These are to help you recognize behaviors. The second section, the blue boxes, is exercises to help with coping in a healthy way. There is no particular order to do these in and please remember these are just extra tools that may help.  If you have not taken the self check, we recommend you do that first.

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  Self Evaluation

PTSD Symptoms 

This is a non-all-inclusive list of possible PTSD symptoms that may be useful for you to print up and keep on hand.


Ineffective Solutions 

Everyone has their own way of coping with things. Sometimes they are healthy, and sometimes they are not..



Veterans sometimes get triggered by sights, sounds, & smells. When this happens it can bring back memories of painful experiences.


Coping Skills


Some veterans struggle with anger. It can be over very small things, sometimes children or even disrespect.



Losing someone is one of the most difficult experiences for anyone to go through. You may also have guilt associated with it.


More Exercises Coming Soon!